Privacy policy

This privacy notice explains Umrah Planet policies regarding customer privacy. This policy’s goal is to make you aware of your legal rights as well as how we manage, control, and safeguard your personal information when you use this website.

We collect personal information

Information relating to the actual person being observed is referred to as personal information. An individual who can be directly or indirectly identified by name, location information, and an ID number, as well as by that person’s social, cultural, physical, genetic, intellectual, or economic identity, is referred to as a “natural person.” Personal information does not contain any anonymous data, making it impossible to associate it with a person.

We gather a variety of personal information about you and any other devices you use when you use our travel services. Your name, phone number, address, email address, and financial information like credit card numbers are all examples of personal identifying data. Any further personal information you want to share with us is entirely up to you, though it might be necessary. Use some of our services when you finish an online purchase.

To whom do we share your information?

We manage your bookings using the information you provide, and we share some of it with the airline so they know whom to anticipate. We place a high value on providing the finest customer service possible. We use the information you provide to make sure we can serve you as best we can. We link all of your bookings to your account, using your information and booking history to allow you to manage your account in the most user-friendly way possible.


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